Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lyle Dagnen memorial scholarship

Helping unpublished authors realize their publishing dreams
in loving memory of author Lyle Dagnen

Susan Brooks Fleming, known by her nom de plume Lyle Dagnen, was a prolific writer with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and compassion. Her work evoked not only the fantastical and romantic, but also inspired hope for the world we now live in as well as the world as it may become.

Facebook friends near and far, along with family and neighbors, had their foundations shaken with the news of Susan's passing in July, 2015. She touched those who knew her in profound and lasting ways with wit, wisdom and pathos.

E. Gads Hill Press will take on the herculean task of compiling as many of her works as we can acquire in order to publish a Lyle Dagnen compendium, and la Vie Sirene magazine will continue to include her musings in each issue, as long as the magazine runs.

Susan, you will always be with us, whether on the page, up in the skies riding your black dragon, or in our hearts, reminding us how truly magical a single person can be. 

We love and miss you, 
~your tribe

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