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Have you dreamed of seeing your ideas come to fruition as a novel?

This year can see that dream realized when you hunker down somewhere cozy this autumn and join us in our Writing on a Whim challenge hosted by the Whimsicalitea arts nonprofit & E. Gads Hill Press publishing in support of National Novel Writing Month.

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  1. Come and share your story,You can even make it up
    A short one, or a part one,or a Novella if you're grand.
    Now If you've got a level head, advice could be your spice.
    Self help, cookbook, your life story, or even just "how to".
    Come on you wild Oscar's
    Unveil your scripts for stage or film.
    Look, the poet in the corner is reducing life to words.
    Even the siren's out the closet with steamy secrets to share.

    Come and join the merry banquet, surprise us with your flavour.
    The stage is set, the lamps are lit, we need your presence here.