Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day #11, 2015

Soak in inspiration

We've all been told how important it is to make a point to sit down and write, regardless of whether or not we feel we have any words or thoughts to jot down. But what about those times when you not only crave, but desperately require, inspiration in order to propel you forward to the next leg of your creative journey?

That's when activities that allow the mind to wander are invaluable. Many people I know find their greatest inspiration when soaking in the tub. I find mine when alone, taking a walk in nature, enjoying a leisurely shower, going for an hour-plus car ride, or doing something mindless like washing dishes. These sorts of endeavors free my thought up so that I can receive creative suggestions I may never have come up with if I were busy feverishly thinking or concentrating on accomplishing a task. In fact, the bulk of incredible ideas I've born have come about just this way.

What about you? What relaxes you mentally and invites fresh inspiration?

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