Monday, January 26, 2015

Day #26, 2015

Search and Re-search

When you're writing a story about a fictional realm, you can get away with pretty much anything. You exercise dominion over history, logic, even physics. But when it comes to the real world, any number of expectations come into play. This is especially true with mysteries. Whodunit aficionados will nearly commit murder if you dare create a caper that is not fully solvable. So what can you do to ensure your writing respects the knowledge and cunning of your readers?


The novel manuscript I'm currently editing involves some international travel. I felt it only fair—for the sake of the reader—that I do my due diligence in relating verifiable information as it related to my characters' journey. Thus, I consulted maps to figure out drive times from point to point, I looked up actual flight schedules, I calculated time zone differences, I searched out currently existing accommodations and restaurants, I conducted an internet search for popular food dishes in certain areas of the world...and so on.  

Would your own story's readers benefit from your doing some research? Are there elements you never thought to look up that could lend an extra dimension of excitement and authenticity to your work?  If so, hit the books! And enjoy the process.

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