Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day #20, 2015

Writing Out Loud

You write your words.
You silently read your words.
You edit your words.
You silently re-read your words.
But when was the last time you read your work aloud?

Reading your prose out loud is an invaluable practice. Not only does it help you catch typos and grammar incongruities, but it enables you to hear the music of your words--the flow and sonorous quality of your writing. It helps you identify your characters' rhythms and informs you in no uncertain terms whether or not your dialogue rings true.

So, go ahead. Grab a throat-quenching beverage and sit somewhere comfortable with good lighting and read your work out loud. Chances are you'll rather like what you hear.

The below is just for fun ... as it too bears the moniker 'Writing Out Loud'

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